False Allegations of Abuse: The Modern Day Lynch Mob for Men

First they came for the “deadbeat dad”, and I did not speak out—
     Because I was not a “deadbeat dad”.
Then they came for the “abusive men”, and I did not speak out—
     Because I was not an “abusive man”.
Then they came for the “toxically masculine man”, and I did not speak out—  Because I was not “toxic”.
Then they came for me, labelled a deadbeat, abusive, toxic man — and there were no men left to speak for me.

Unfortunately, lost in the absurd dramatic theatre of the supreme court hearings before us is the fact that this absurdity can be visited upon any man or boy at any time in any environment.  Chivalry coupled with gynocentrism opens men up to a societal lynching based upon even the most outlandish allegation.  Regardless of obvious fact, the allegations of a Mayella can turn any man into Tom Robinson, arguing his innocence in a sham of a trial where innocence is destroyed at the hands of the politically correct.

Many a NY MAN, like most men nationwide who suffer through the false allegations and perjury of family court, probably have empathy for Judge Kavanaugh for the politically correct sexist institutional and relational violence he is suffering.  It is plainly due to politics and lacking legal or professional cause to deny him the nomination the Democrats use character assassination.  This is the same strategy used to “win custody from the father” in (anti) family and (anti male) matrimonial courts also.  And while we have empathy, the fact of the matter is that he is caught up in a political and legal system allowed by the courts themselves and put in place by Federal Executive and Legislative branches of government which pandered to the “women’s vote”, both Republican and Democrat alike.  Politicians (including judges) pandering to the many social justice warrior “victims” for political expediency, appointments, and elections created the “deadbeat”, “abusive”, and “toxic” male.

Matrimonial and family courts, and increasingly criminal courts, have thrown aside legal protections for the innocent under the guise of “protecting the victim”.  To “prevent” possible future offenses due process and the right to be heard are thrown out and perjury is the accepted norm as judges issue ex parte “Orders of Protection” on hearsay alone.  Over 70% of orders are withdrawn, this after the party obtains their objective (custody of children and money transfers) and the slanderous allegations are no longer needed.  Appellate Courts, which should be protecting Constitutionally protected individual rights and due process, have turned a blind eye to individual violations of civil rights.  Men, individually fighting alone, are squashed under the weight of a political and “justice” system to large for one man to fight, most often surrendering to the no win situation.

The “all women are victims and all men guilty”, once contained in family court, has now spread to EVERY situation where a woman wants to gain leverage over a man.  Given liberal college campuses, it is no surprise that todays female “journalists” would espouse radical feminist “women victims of men” dogma that all women should be believed and all men considered guilty until they prove their innocence (Obviously they don’t read “To Kill a Mockingbird” in college anymore).   It is a movement which went from espousing equality to one hating men, and willing to destroy innocent men to achieve their ends.

Worse, but not unexpected, are the politicians who openly advocate denial of Constitutional Rights for political gain.  The Senator from NY Kirsten Gillibrand used a copy of a domestic violence report to unseat Congressman John Sweeney in 2006 and start her rise to the top of the Democratic Party, even though the wife denied any abuse.  She now stands ready to persecute all men in her push for a Presidential run.  Then, as now with Kavanaugh, the femi-leftist pink hat propaganda machine regurgitates politicians and “celebrities” who argue “all women MUST be believed” even though there were no complaints then, no arrest, no charges, no adjudication, no evidence.  The unsubstantiated allegation itself is allowed to stand as fact, he said is dismissed, she said is believed.  Senator Mazi Hirono says,  “just shut up” to men’s cries of innocence and injustice, so much for airing grievances to men by men.

False allegations of abuse are rampant and men are persecuted by the relational violence of the false allegation and the institutional violence of systems which ignore the innocent, due process, and even evidence.  The cases of falsely accused who manage to overcome the injustice are to many to list, the  Duke Lacrosse case  come right to mind.  The most recent case of the falsely accused male obtaining a measure justice is as NPO says, Vladek Filler Wins Again  and as reported by the Daily Wire  “man receives $375,000 for false rape accusation”.  But at what cost?  Years of freedom, loss of finances, destruction of reputation, years of persecution and fighting.  Link to Vladek Filler’s own words here about false allegations.  How many men, facing certain ruin just “take the deal” saving themselves the institutional and relational violence and possible incarceration which accompanies fighting the charges? Most that I know, myself included.

Father and family rights groups have been complaining for thirty years now about the injustices we suffered, and continue to suffer, in an anti-male system of institutional violence against us; beat dead, assets plundered and driven broke, abused, and disenfranchised by relational and institutional violence against us.  Innocent until proven guilty by a jury of peers, the onus on the government to present their case with evidence showing beyond a reasonable doubt, and the right to face your accuser are the protections in place for individuals.  Hundreds of years of common law trying to build a just legal system.  As William Blackstone said, “It is better that ten guilty persons escape than one innocent suffer”. But not for us men, bring in the next guilty bastard.

Gynocentric sexual bias against men was easy to ignore when the injustice was contained in family court.   It was easy for people to turn a blind eye when it crept into criminal court as it wasn’t them.  Men suffered allegations at work, the leverage to get a head of the competition or pay back for some perceived slight.  Then it crept into the deep state, Title IX, and onto college campuses, into high schools and down to grade schools.  It has crept into political campaigns as the nuclear bomb of smear allegations.  Judicial appointments are not immune either.  Now, any man anywhere can be the victim of the relational violence of the false allegation and the violence of institutions pandering to that.  Where does it all end?

Justice Thomas put it well Oct. 11, 1991, when he called the institutional violence driven by relational violence what it is, a modern day lynching.  Unfortunately, from then until today it has not changed and has in fact gotten worse.  False allegations by women and lynchings of men have historically been the norm such as the lynching of Emmitt Till, unacceptable in a civil society.  Perjury and false allegations are the accepted norm in our courts and society today.  Why is this lynching not unacceptable in a civil society?  Perhaps this most recent lynching of Kavanaugh will be a wake up call.

Justice is not righting an injustice done to you, justice is not having the injustice done in the first place.  A system which allows injustice to occur is a system of tyranny.  Hopefully there are enough men left who will DO something and work to end tyranny and prevent the injustices in the first place.

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  1. Magnificent work. I experienced it but was eventually exonerated after her arrest. Thank you for writing this.

  2. I eagerly await the delicate darling Precious Princesses to demand equality in regards to federal law requiring only males to sign up for the military draft. The little girls should be squawking their demands to face the same severe criminal penalties as males do for failure to register. To achieve equality with males the cackling biddies should also protest vehemently that females along with males, in equal numbers, be drafted if the military draft is ever started up again.

    Equality!!! Yet I notice the wenches avoid demands for equal responsibilities to accompany equal rights and privileges.

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