Due process under the law denied to men

The denial of due process under the law can be broken down into two general areas.  The first is men treated as suspect based upon their sex and guilty until they prove their innocence.  The second is women treated as innocent and where they do become suspect the behavior dismissed as being caused by other than their own actions.  When both biases are placed together we end up with todays chivalrous-gynocentric “women are victims” and misandrist “men are perpetrators” system.

The blatant misandry (hatred, contempt, and prejudice against males) and gynocentrism (exclusive focus on women) and chivalry (protecting women) drive these biases in the system and cause it to ignore and distort facts before it.  It results in the denial of due process of law to men and results in impunity under the law in the actions of women.  It is contrary to the U.S. Constitutions equal protection under the law and runs counter to protections for the innocent to be treated as innocent until proven guilty.  It renders entire systems devoid of justice where the guilty are treated as innocent and the innocent treated as guilty.

It has fostered an acceptance false statement, false allegations, lies, and perjury as “facts” which undermines the justice system, and therefor justice itself.  What should be a shield of protection for the innocent and injured is now a sword of persecution with the full force and weight of the state bearing down on the innocent, a willing partner with those who would direct relational violence at another.  Lady Justice has been turned into a violent despot, her impartiality of the blindfold has been removed, the scales are tipped against a man before one iota of evidence is placed upon them, her sword no longer defends justice and she sits as a symbol of female injustice to males.

The misandry towards men results in denial of due process in all criminal justice arenas but is most prevalent in those areas where men and women come into conflict; Family Court, Domestic Violence , and Sexual Abuse/rape (including child victims).   The criminal justice system in these areas applies a men are guilty and women are victim bias so strong that few innocent men have the strength and resources (emotional and financial) to overcome the dual biases under the crushing weight of never ending state resources.  Those that do bear the scars of a scarlet letter for life as “not guilty” is not viewed as innocent.

It is under the shadow of guilt and the weight of the state that men are forced into acceptance of injustice.  Threats of high fines and imprisonment, total loss of access to children, the plundering of assets and bankruptcy in a never ending battle to prove innocence are countered with deals of low fines and no jail, limited visiting with children, and the salvation of minimal assets.  Offered the option of death or slavery what sane man would not chose the latter?  The lesser of two evils allows one to move from under state oppression and offers a bit of hope that time will heal the wounds of injustice.

Here the state will declare itself righteous confusing high conviction rates with a lack of innocent persons persecuted.  The guilty men “admitted” it and the injustices placed upon men are ignored and hidden behind claims of successful protection of women and society.  It is a false sense of security for history teaches us the unjust system will eventually reach all in time.  The curtailment and deprivation of person’s liberty and justice is the eventual curtailment and deprivation of all peoples liberty and justice.

We are supposed to be a nation of law applied equally to all persons with individuals treated innocent until proven guilty by a jury of our peers.  Unfortunately for men this system of justice no longer exists in a gynocentric state of morally superior government tyrants looking to prevent offense and to provide security for women at the expense of men.  How many deprivations of liberty will men endure under the guise of “equality”?