About NY MAN

Welcome to NY MAN, the New York Men’s Action Network.

What is NY Man?

NY Man is the grass roots lobbying organization and web site for for individuals interested in the rights of Fathers (FRA), Men and boys (MRA), Parents (PRA) and families in New York State.

It contains views, writings, memo’s and position papers based on the educational and advocacy positions of organizations such as FaFNY.org, nationalparentsorganization.org, SAVEservices.org and NCFM.org and other equal rights organizations.  It does NOT have any official policy or financial connection with these or any other organizations at the state and federal level.  For the purposes of lobbying NY MAN provides this information to foster grass roots lobbying and it’s financial expenditures towards this end are well below the threshold for filing with any government regulatory agency.

NY MAN has no formal registration or status as an organization with any local, state, or national governmental agency nor is it required by law to do so.  You can’t get more grass roots than this.

If you are looking for lobbying information or historical information on parental civil rights and government interference in the family as it relates to New York State and nationally you are in the right place.


Men and boys are getting a bad rap, worse, the negative portrayal and stereotyping of men and boys is resulting in perceptions, policies, laws, and regulations which are negatively affecting men, fathers, boys, parents, families and women connected to them.  NY MAN is a grass roots equal rights political action organization working to counter these negative stereotypes.

What is NY MAN working for?  Families free from government intervention.  To this end we propose and work for changes in government policies. laws, rules, and regulations:

At the Federal level of government:

  1. Ensuring Constitutional protections for parental rights and the enactment of the Parental Rights and Responsibilities Act (PRRA).
  2.  Reform of Title IVd of the Social Security Act providing financial incentives to states which ensure children have a continuing nurturing relationship with both biological parents regardless of their marital status.
  3. Repeal of the “Bradley Amendment to Title IVd SSA which has created a debtors prison for poor fathers.
  4. Ensuring Federal Government compliance with the IX and X Amendment to the U.S. Constitution with respect to state and individual rights.
  5. Equal application of laws to all individual citizens with due process of law as outlined in the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.

at the NY State Legislature:

  1. Enactment of the Parental Rights and Responsibilities Act in the NYS Constitution.
  2. Legislation for shared parenting which secures equal parental rights and responsibilities for BOTH parents.
  3. Legislation for access enforcement of child custody orders to including by law enforcement for those showing criminal contempt for orders of the court.
  4. Legislation for open courts and the mandated recording of all proceedings including allowing individual participants separate recording of proceedings.
  5. Legislation for Court Restructure and Reform which includes more access and streamlined procedures for Pro Se participants.
  6. Legislation for at birth DNA testing for all out of wedlock births and acceptance of DNA proof of non paternity regardless of any time limits.
  7. Legislation to provide legal/agency assistance securing access and parental time to out of wedlock fathers at the time of paternity establishment.
  8. Legislation promoting mediation and collaborative law as an option to litigation.
  9. Legislation to repeal of mandatory maintenance (alimony) for respondents of a unilateral divorce action.
  10. Legislation for open honest judicial accountability and judicial review board including removal of judicial immunity for illegal or improper individual judicial conduct.
  11. Legislation for child support reform lowering percentages for high income earners and legal assistance for low income earners to ensure they receive proper offsets to established guidelines.
  12. Legislation to repeal incarceration for failure to pay child support.
  13. Legislation to repeal draconian actions for collection of child support such as suspending vehicle registrations, drivers licenses, fishing and hunting licenses, professional licenses, seizure of vehicles, etc.

At the NY State Executive (Governors Office and Agencies):

  1. Federally mandated Child Support Quadrennial reviews to be done timely and with father and men’s organizations participation (Agency OTTDA).
  2. Equal representation for men and boys in all policies and programs.
  3. Removal of preferences in hiring and awarding of contracts.

At the NY State Courts:

  1. Mandate recording of all proceedings.
  2. Mandate an opportunity for the respondent to be heard and a hearing held on the merits of the allegations within 7 calendar days on all temporary orders of protection in family and/or supreme court civil actions and changes in parental access and/or custody.
  3. Mandate that no denial of shared parenting shall be entered without explanation on the record for the denial of a parents rights.
  4. Removal of qualified immunity for judges actions amounting to gross misconduct or violation of individuals rights.

You can go to issues discussion facebook sites for discussion of issues:

Internationally on Facebook the Friends of Protection For Men  (PFM)

And New York State issues at The Coalition of Fathers and Families NY (FaFNY)

A Brief History of NY MAN:

NY Man was the name of the first, and only, NYS Registered Political Action Committee working on men’s issues.  Founded in NY in 1997 it was intended to be the political action arm of the Father and Parental Rights movement in NYS which was advocating for fathers, families and equal rights.  NY Man was a registered political action committee formed by Jim Hays and Paul McCauley generously funded by a contribution by Wiley Dobbs.  As we moved into the new century government oversight of lobbying organizations increased and filings became more numerous.  In response to citizen complaints for more open and honest government the “lobbying commission” (ineffectually reformed numerous times over these last 30 years) started public inquiry.  As it was easier for government to beat up the “little guy”, organizations and individual we complained about, such as then Assembly Leader Sheldon Silver and the NYS Bar Association, were ignored and Mr. Hays was directed to appear and answer, and then grilled, by the then lobbying commission.  The headline in the paper read “Man Grilled By Lobbying Commission” reporting on the two hours of interrogation suffered.  Lesson learned.

Luckily changes in technology and communication allowed us to stop all formal filings as we reformed into a grass roots lobbying organization well under the financial threshold to require government registrations and filings and out from under regulatory attempts to silence our voices.   We operate under filing thresholds and independent of any and all other organizations to remain that way.  We hold no formal agreements or affiliation with ANY other organization and as such, their activities and finances are not subject to review based upon the actions of NYMAN.

Any and all others affiliated with NY MAN remain unlisted.  The use or dissemination of information on behalf of NY MAN does not show any affiliation with NY MAN as the materials here are made and maintained for free use by any and all working for equality, liberty, and justice.