Parental Rights

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The Problem: Parental Rights Infringement by the state,      Who speaks to the best interest of the child?

We need to recognize that the problems that we now have is the interference with our God given rights to be a parent.  James Madison wrote eloquently on our  God given rights, in existence before the formation of any government.  With our U.S. Constitution we were guaranteed these rights under the 9th and 10th amendments to the Constitution, "the Bill of Rights", as all rights not given to the guvmint were reserved to the people, and guvmint only had those powers given to it.  I suspect when looking at the current legislative, executive, and judicial systems which regulate parents and families at both the state and national level that the founding fathers are rolling in their graves.  

Now many step into the fray of parental rights from their own particular perspective, men from the father perspective, women from the mother perspective and of course from the perspective of co-parents to a child.  For many years the argument was framed in a “men versus women” perspective but we are increasingly seeing interference with intact 2 biological parent families by the state which interjects its view as being “in the best interest of the child”.   Hopefully this continued interference in the family, while unjust, unlawful, and unconstitutional, will begin to drive enough people to action to try to change the system.

For the past 35 years as the discussion has moved from one of children’s rights, women’s rights, men’s rights, parent’s rights the debate has been framed from arguments on the far left and the far right.  But from any perspective, and by any measure, the removal of children from a loving and fit parent is not acceptable.  Indeed, I am proud to say that when lobbying at our best it was when we had a conservative, liberal and libertarian all arguing for the same thing.  The right of parents to raise their child without undue government interference, and the right of a child to be raised by BOTH parents.

The Problem: Who is the problem?

We should first remember that not all people who work within this system and within government are bad.  Some, many actually, are well meaning individuals who have just been led astray by bad information.  The system is currently fed by gender feminists (those who view life as a gender war, men v. women, with anything a man gets being a zero sum game for women) and by attorneys who control the bar associations, the judicial branch of government and often the legislative and executive branches also.  To put it bluntly it is the radical far left of feminism who sees no use for men and would just as soon castrate them all (save for a few breeders) and a lot of lawyers, amassing extensive billable hours, who are setting laws, rules, and regulations on how families live and raise their children.  Add to the now a large federal and state bureaucracy which exists to "educate" parents and ensure that they raise their children properly.

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